UF Nursing Community Impact Project Helping Those with Alzheimers and Dementia

Incredible efforts from our UF College of Nursing students, who continue to show their dedication to community impact! They’ve outdone themselves again by creating a Therapeutic Gardening Program at our model adult daycare.

This initiative isn’t just about nurturing plants – it’s about fostering connections, stimulating memories, and improving the quality of life for our beloved seniors battling Alzheimer’s and dementia. The sensory experience from working in a garden can evoke positive memories, promote physical activity, and help reduce stress.

A big round of applause for our students for this innovative idea. Their dedication to service has brought to life a project that resonates with our community’s spirit and positively impacts those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Let’s spread awareness about the amazing potential of therapeutic gardening. Share this post, let your friends and family know how nature can heal, and help us build more connections. #UFNursing#TherapeuticGardening#Alzheimers#Dementia#communityimpact