Tai Chi Sequel

Day & Time:

Mondays: 9:00am-10:15am

Wednesdays: 9:00am-10:15am


“Tai Chi Sequel!” What is it? It’s an opportunity for those students who have taken the Tai Chi Quan or Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance classes to continue practicing the eight forms learned in those classes and to learn new variations. Practicing this art increases flexibility and balance.

For more information, contact Pat Bellis at Pbellis317@gmail.com

A note from instructor, Pat:

“We welcome you if you are new to Tai Chi. Please join us to observe what we do. I will run a small 15-minute class to teach you footwork and some of the hand movements that we use in our class.”

Participate virtually: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85063767230