White Cane Safety Day

Did you know? October 15 each year is White Cane Safety Day. It was established in 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson to improve public awareness of people using a white cane for safe, independent travel.

The white cane is used by people who are legally blind to travel safely and independently. The white cane detects obstacles and drop offs, provides information about the environment being traveled through and alerts others that the user is legally blind.

Florida Motor Vehicle Statue 316.1301 (2) states that whenever a pedestrian is crossing, or attempting to cross, a public street or highway, guided by a dog guide or carrying in a raised or extended position a cane or walking stick which is white in color or white tipped with red, the driver of every vehicle approaching the intersection or place where the pedestrian is attempting to cross shall bring his or her vehicle to a full stop before arriving at such intersection or place of crossing and, before proceeding, shall take such precautions as may be necessary to avoid injuring such pedestrian.

For additional information about white canes and independent travels for individuals with vision loss contact:

Independence with Low Vision Program


Florida Division of Blind Services